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Category: Previous Projects

  • Events


    Eedama hosted sustainable events: Masdar Festival with workshops and games since 2019, a sustainability event at Sorbonne University with discussions and workshops, and Takaful Emarati Women Day with DIY eco-friendly products and upcycling activities.

  • Team Building

    Eedama organized team-building events for HP, Capgemini, and Standard Chartered Bank, where employees made DIY beauty products for female labor camp workers, focusing on natural, organic ingredients and thoughtful messaging.

  • Impact Entrepreneurship

    Impact Entrepreneurship

    Eedama’s impact entrepreneurship projects include a 30-day training for 50 women entrepreneurs in Lebanon (Feb-Sep 2020) and ongoing targeted training for CSOs across the Middle East since July 2022, focusing on strategy, financial management, HR, digital marketing, and project management

  • Sustainability Training & Graduate Programs

    Sustainability Training & Graduate Programs

    Eedama’s 2023 initiatives included sustainability training for ADNOC Sour Gas employees and managerial environmental decision-making workshops for the Department of Culture & Tourism, aligned with COP 28 and UN SDGs. In 2020, we developed comprehensive sustainability training for Majid Al Futtaim staff and students, emphasizing carbon neutrality, water conservation, and sustainable living.

  • Eco-Tourism & Immersion Programs

    Eco-Tourism & Immersion Programs

    Eedama is the main Eco Tour Provider in the UAE for multiple travel agencies since 2019 such as: Sharaf Tours, Arabian Adventures, Rida Tourism and more.

  • School Trips, Workshops & Camps

    School Trips, Workshops & Camps

    Since 2015, Eedama has hosted over 10,000 people at Masdar, developing diverse programs for various age groups and audiences. In August 2020, Eedama expanded to youth entrepreneurship, conducting the Young Explorers program with high school students in Sharjah. The program included ideation, team building, financial management, and entrepreneurship, led by a team of experts.

  • Installations & Design

    Installations & Design

    Eedama undertook multiple sustainability projects, including a villa design in Dubai focusing on reducing heat radiation and energy usage, complemented by a productive permaculture garden and renewable energy systems. The Halyoun project involved a comprehensive permaculture design on 8000sqm, including water management and organic produce branding. At Um Al Arab School, a classroom was transformed…