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Since 2015, Eedama has hosted over 10,000 people at Masdar, developing diverse programs for various age groups and audiences. In August 2020, Eedama expanded to youth entrepreneurship, conducting the Young Explorers program with high school students in Sharjah. The program included ideation, team building, financial management, and entrepreneurship, led by a team of experts.

Masdar’s Knowledge & Outreach Partners – Since 2015

Eedama has hosted over 10,000 people at Masdar and developed various programs for different age groups and audiences.

Youth Entrepreneurship camp at Sheraa – August 2020

Eedama extended its impact entrepreneurship activities to high school students: Our team of ideation, team building, financial management and entrepreneurship experts delivered the Young Explorers program in August 2022 with high school students from the Emirate of Sharjah.

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