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Eedama hosted sustainable events: Masdar Festival with workshops and games since 2019, a sustainability event at Sorbonne University with discussions and workshops, and Takaful Emarati Women Day with DIY eco-friendly products and upcycling activities.

Masdar Festival (since 2019-2023)

sustainable workshops, games and sessions for the famous Masdar festival done for the community.

Sustainability Event with Sorbonne University

This event held multiple engaging discussions, workshops, and activities led by experts in the field of sustainability where students had the opportunity to explore ways on how they can create positive changes within their community, daily lives and the planet as a whole.

Takaful Emarati Women Day

Celebrating Emarati Women’s Day , we hosted sustainability workshops with Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. PSC. Attendees participated in making perfumes, candles, scrubs, deodorant, up-cycling t-shirts, and artistic planting.

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