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Installations & Design

Eedama undertook multiple sustainability projects, including a villa design in Dubai focusing on reducing heat radiation and energy usage, complemented by a productive permaculture garden and renewable energy systems. The Halyoun project involved a comprehensive permaculture design on 8000sqm, including water management and organic produce branding. At Um Al Arab School, a classroom was transformed…

Sustainable Villa Design

Eedama’s team consulted on a Villa project in Dubai. The aim of the project was to implement design decisions that would contribute to the overall reduction of radiation heat and energy on intensive cooling as well as propose a productive landscape design. Eedama provided a guideline for sustainability measures to be implemented throughout the building’s life cycle and worked on the following scope and deliverables:

  • Outdoor zoning plans and outdoor
  • Architectural design alterations and audit
  • Landscape design of a productive permaculture garden
  • Sustainable installations recommendations
  • Rain and grey water harvesting, plant-based water treatment
  • Implementing renewable energy production

Halyoun Permaculture Land Design

A full permaculture design and implementation project for 8000sqm that includes an agroforestry system, vegetable beds, management of the pine and oak trees already present on site, a water management system with rain water harvesting, a renovated underground well and a pond, a mushroom production cellar that had been renovated, and the design and construction of an organic shop. This project also included branding for the Halyoun products and full training course for the staff managing the land.

Sustainable Learning Classroom Installation for Um Al Arab School

Eedama designed and implemented a renovation project of a school classroom into a learning classroom that highlights multiple themes of sustainability such as agriculture, energy & water. This is done by installing various features such as a Green moss wall, Upcycled sustainable furniture, Environmental library, Aerponics tower, Hydroponics system, Aquaponics system, Solar PV systems, Moisture & Nutrients Smart devices.

Largest Aquaponics System in a UAE – Based School – Al Khitim School

Al Khitim school were granted the sustainable school award of the year and implemented the largest aquaponics system to be installed in a school as a result. This system was created to allow students to interact personally with the installation by monitoring, researching and maintaining it as a whole.

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