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Impact Entrepreneurship

Eedama’s impact entrepreneurship projects include a 30-day training for 50 women entrepreneurs in Lebanon (Feb-Sep 2020) and ongoing targeted training for CSOs across the Middle East since July 2022, focusing on strategy, financial management, HR, digital marketing, and project management

Online Mentoring Program

30 Day long start up training program for the Lebanese league for Women in Business LLWB:

  • Feb 2020 – Sep 2020
  • Eedama developed a 30- day entrepreneurship training program and delivered it to 50 women entrepreneurs in Bekaa and North Lebanon. The training was followed by coaching sessions for all startups as well as a TOT for future trainers.

Tabadol for Makesense & Asfari Foundation – July 2022 – Present

Eedama is participating in delivering a series of targeted training and sessions to a number of CSOs from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine (sometimes located in Turkey, Western Europe or the USA). The training sessions were followed by individual coaching sessions with specific CSOs. Eedama developed topics specifically adapted to not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises, and to the local Middle Eastern contexts. They include: Strategy, Financial management, HR management, Financial Forecasting, Digital Marketing and Project Management.

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