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Team building activities with meaning – Article By Eedama’s team

Embracing Sustainability in Team Building

50 years ago, team building activities in organizations used to be planned as organized retreat sessions: two days in remote locations with a clear agenda, mostly focused on leisure and commendations of accomplishments.

As the objectives of the teambuilding meetups remained the same, the duration of those retreats was made shorter. In the past 20-30 years, short activities have developed: the concept of a half day event became more common (something like an ‘escape room’ activity for example).

However, these objectives have evolved with time to tackle more pertinent topics. With the growing awareness of the global environmental crisis, and the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility, organizations are now seeking team-building experiences that go beyond mere fun and bonding. Actively engaging in sustainability efforts and striving towards regeneration rather than simply avoiding destruction is extremely crucial. Greening the team-building activities is one of the simplest steps toward kickstarting your green initiatives. Here are some of Eedama’s sustainable hands-on team-building ideas that aim to foster a sense of unity and enjoyment while promoting environmental awareness and action.

Disclaimer and clarification: While Eedama does promote and provide such activities, our primary emphasis is not on whether your organization engages with us. Instead, our main concern is advocating for the adoption of these practices by all organizations!

Idea 1: Regenerating Mind, Body, and Environment (Develop & Audit a Sustainable Space)
To kickstart your journey towards sustainability, consider selecting a real space—a building, a neighborhood, or a garden—as the focus of your team-building activity. By following a few simple steps, you can learn, bond, and take concrete actions to create a model sustainable space. To Continue Reading download the file

Idea 2: Uplifting Women in Labor Camps through Sustainable Personal Care Products (DIY Personal Care & Hygiene Products)
In our continued exploration of proactive and sustainable team-building activities, we present an idea that combines creativity, sustainability, and social impact. This particular activity will explore sustainability through the creation of DIY natural personal care and hygiene products from material that are readily available in most homes. By choosing this activity, your team will engage in a non-traditional approach to learning about sustainability while fostering team building and empowering participants to make conscious choices. The cherry on the top of this activity is the social act of donating these products to blue collar female workers in labor camps. To Continue Reading download the file

Idea 3: Building Sustainable Business Solutions (Unleashing Team Creativity)

In our quest for sustainable team-building activities, we present an idea that combines knowledge, collaboration, and innovation to address real-world challenges. This activity focuses on creating sustainable business ideas, fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility within your team. By engaging in this activity, your team can learn about climate-related topics, bond through problem-solving, and take actionable steps towards building a sustainable future. To Continue Reading download the file

🎁 As a Ramadan gift from Eedama, we are pleased to share downloadable material with details about each workshop. We look forward to having you join our team-building activities.  

Download the full file here (Embracing Sustainability in Team Building)

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