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Sustainability Design

Who We Are

­­Eedama is an independent social enterprise that promotes sustainable development by supporting citizens, schools, and organizations in embracing sustainability within their practices through education, training, design, research, and content creation.

Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015, Eedama operates in both the UAE and Lebanon, hosting and collaborating with partners globally. Our staff is spread over four main regions: Abu Dhabi Emirates, Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Greater Beirut, and Northern Lebanon. The founding partners are experts in the field of energy and the environment, with PhDs and over 15 years of experience each in research and work in that domain.

Sustainable Learning Spaces

Eedama specializes in creating ‘Sustainable Learning Spaces’ tailored to educational institutions. These interactive spaces function like science museums, fostering engagement with core sustainability topics such as farming, compost, water, solar energy, and urban planning. Our process includes site assessments, eco-friendly designs, and installation, along with comprehensive training and manuals for ongoing management. Transform your institution into a hub of sustainability education with Eedama.

Sustainable Building Design and Consultancy

Eedama offers expert Sustainable Building Design and Consultancy services, assisting in creating eco-friendly structures from the ground up. With a team of LEED Accredited Professionals, we collaborate with architects and clients to enhance sustainability in their building projects. Our consultancy extends to achieving LEED and Estidama certifications, alongside conducting audits for energy, water, waste, and food consumption, optimizing both ecological and financial outcomes.

Permaculture Design and Consultancy

Eedama’s Permaculture Design and Consultancy services offer a comprehensive approach to creating sustainable ecosystems that blend food, waste, water, soil, and more into productive, regenerative systems. We utilize local resources and workforce to design solutions like food forests, organic pest management, grey water filtration, and composting systems. Our expertise also includes integrating passive heating/cooling, sustainable energy harvesting, and circular economy practices. Our experienced team’s portfolio includes projects across the UAE and Lebanon, showcasing transformative environmental design.

Environmental Installations

Transform your space into a sustainable oasis with Eedama’s environmental installations. We offer advice and installation services for a range of sustainable features, from small permaculture gardens to aquaponics and solar panels. Our team can help you design and install green walls, green roofs, and more to create an eco-friendly environment in your workspace or home. Eedama works with several certified companies in the UAE, the rest of the Gulf and Lebanon.

Our Services Include

  • Compost bins installation (various technologies)
  • Hydroponics: Soilless Planting
  • Green Walls & Roofs
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Aquaponics: Combining Fish & Plants
  • Urban Farming: Composting & Permaculture
  • Aeroponic / Aerosol Cultivation: Growing in Air

We also provide environmental consultancy services to guide you in making sustainable choices. Our team will train you on how to maintain these features to ensure their longevity and sustainability. Let us help you create a healthier and greener space today!

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