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Embark on a journey of discovery with Eedama’s field trips across the United Arab Emirates. Our curated experiences take you to the heart of sustainability and environmental learning, where the classroom extends to the diverse landscapes of the UAE. From the innovative green technologies of Masdar City to the serene conservation areas like the Mangrove National Park, each location offers a unique opportunity to engage with nature and understand our role in its preservation. Delve into the rich biodiversity, explore cutting-edge sustainability projects, and gain hands-on experience in real-world ecological management. Join us to witness sustainability in action and inspire the next steps in your environmental journey. Ready for an adventure that educates and enlightens? Explore all our UAE field trip locations right here.

Explore A Sustainable city at Masdar City – Abu Dhabi

Masdar City is a state-of-art pilot project for a sustainable city; it integrates urban planning, knowledge, research & development, and culture. Students have the opportunity to discover the livelihood and challenges of a sustainable city in the desert climate. They will engage in an interactive tour where students get exposed to sustainability first hand through new technology, traditional and modern passive design, renewable energy and much more. They will also experience the different alternative transportation means such as driverless cars and buses. To top it all off, students will then engage in a treasure hunt around the city as well as conduct an environmental audit on how to improve future cities.


  • Interactive tour
  • Riding driver-less cars and buses
  • Treasure hunt
  • Environmental audit

E-Waste Recycling Facility – Abu Dhabi

In this trip, students will understand the innovative ecological alternative to landfill dumping at site and explore how their waste can be processed, recycled and upcycled. The program mainly focuses on E-waste recycling and how to extract valuable materials after shredding the e-waste into tiny pieces that could be reused in a new electronic appliance.


  • Engaging in an interactive facility tour
  • Insight on the waste management process
  • Explore different waste streams and machinery on site
  • Competing in a dismantling and sorting workshop

Umm Al Emarat Park – Abu Dhabi

Parks are important to our urban scape because they act has lungs for the city. They help in reducing heat in the city and help reduce the impacts of climate change by absorbing pollution. If designed well, parks can also act as conservation and restoration areas for natural habitats, and be the source of biodiversity within the city. Eedama offers an educational trip to one of the rare parks in the UAE, Umm Al Emarat park, where sustainability and environmental friendliness were considered. Students will participate in an engaging tour that tackles various topics related to sustainable open spaces followed by a hand-on activity.


  • Educational tour
  • Scavenger hunt & audit
  • Planting & harvesting

Recycling Journey at Jebel Ali Facility – Dubai

This is an opportunity for students to embark on an educational adventure to a state-of-the-art recycling facility. During this engaging excursion, students will get an up-close and personal look at how recycling processes work, from the collection of materials to their transformation into new products. They will gain valuable insights into the vital role recycling plays in conserving our environment and reducing waste


  • Interactive facility tour
  • Q&A with industry experts
  • Explore different waste streams & machinery on site
  • Competing in recycling & sorting workshops
  • Up-cycled wall painting workshop

Healthy Green Indoor Spaces at Vine Community – Abu Dhabi

Engaging indoor tour where students get exposed to green indoor spaces while understanding the concepts of sustainable life style and design. Students can get the chance to participate in healthy cooking, cheesemaking, sewing, planting, creating hygiene and beauty products, designing and more!


  • Healthy food Circular economy & sustainability
  • Business & sustainability
  • Cheese making
  • Sustainable fashion – T-shirt & hat making

Soil Conservation Journey at Emirates Soil Museum – Dubai

No Soil, No Us! What is under your feet is more important than you think. That’s why this fieldtrip highlights the importance of soil in our lives through a guided tour and hands-on activities at the Emirates Soil Museum in Dubai. From the arid sands of the desert to the rich soils supporting agricultural endeavors, students will gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics and properties of these soils. Students will leave the museum with a newfound appreciation for the vital role of soil in our environment and a sense of responsibility to contribute to its conservation.


  • Soil Museum Tour
  • Tour in the ICBA Fields
  • Workshops & Activities

Modern Farming & Hydroponics Farm – Abu Dhabi

Explore one of the first Emirates hydroponics farm in the Middle East and the region. The farm aims to spread the culture of healthy food and planting in order to reach food security and global excellence in agriculture. Eedama in collaboration with Gracia offers a program that focuses on the concept of local, urban and sustainable farming where students get exposed to modern techniques in agriculture such as hydroponics and aquaponics.


  • Engaging farm tour
  • Animal feeding
  • Various planting & harvesting workshops
  • Hydroponics workshop

Kayaking & Mangrove Planting – Abu Dhabi or Ajman

The Mangroves are an important part of our natural ecosystem and their survival is vital for UAE’s environment. They are a source of biodiversity and are able to control air pollution by naturally filtering out industrial and other types of waste. They can also grow where no other tree can grow! Eedama offers an educational program along with an exciting kayaking tour & mangrove planting activity that highlight the importance of such ecosystem.


  • Engaging tour
  • Kayaking
  • Mangrove planting
  • Environmental workshops & clean up

Sustainability Expedition at Aventura – Dubai

An exciting and educational journey designed for students to explore sustainability in the heart of adventure and nature at Aventura Parks in Dubai. This unique field trip commence an immersive introduction to the principles of sustainability and the importance of environmental responsibility. The adventure includes thrilling zip-lining and rope course activities with guided nature walks and hands-on activities. Interactive workshops will engage students in nature conservation where they will be encouraged to think critically about sustainable practices and how they can adopt them in their daily lives.


  • Park tour
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Workshops & activities
  • Zip-line and rope course

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