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Educational Workshops

Dive into a world where education transcends the classroom with Eedama’s workshops, designed to mold the global citizens of tomorrow. Our sessions are a tapestry of crucial topics and themes, from the lofty ideals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the practicalities of renewable energy and water & energy efficiency. We explore the roots of responsible agriculture and the cycles of the circular economy, encouraging students to embrace a zero-waste and do-it-yourself ethic for a sustainable lifestyle. Our workshops unravel the intricacies of recycling and up-cycling, while also paving pathways for career orientation in the green sector. We don’t just stop at theory; our interactive approach guides students through the principles of green design and construction. Each workshop is a step towards a holistic understanding, equipping students with the multidisciplinary building blocks they need to craft a sustainable future.

Our Best Seller Workshops

The World of Warms & Compost

Participants get introduced to the basics of traditional composting by interacting with live warms and understand how the composting process and breakdown happens. They will also compete in an “all about warms” card game competition. This session allows participants to investigate the world of vermicomposting (wormeries) as they can see worms close up, identify the main parts and learn about their diets and what products the worms produce.

DIY Beauty & Hygiene Products

This activity will explore sustainability through the creation of DIY natural personal use and hygiene products for material that are readily available in most homes. You can choose your pick from the following products: candle making, perfume, lotion, soap, scrubs, lip-balm, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Sorting & Recycling

Participants will be introduced to recycling practices in the UAE as an introduction to food waste and other waste streams. They will be divided into groups and asked to sort recyclables and non-recyclables.

Rammed Earth Workshop

Participants learn about rammed earth construction, a sustainable building technique that combines ancient wisdom with modern innovation. In this hands-on session, participants will be divided into groups and assigned specific materials to explore and experiment with, aiming to develop the optimal mixture for creating rammed earth structures. With expert guidance, you’ll gain practical knowledge on material selection, compaction techniques, and the importance of soil composition in achieving robust and eco-friendly constructions.

Eco Resin Workshop

This hands-on workshop puts your creativity to test as you make a functional decorative accessory for your home, office or as a gift for someone. Participants will learn about the characteristic and properties of our eco-friendly gypsum-based material. Participants will then use a no-waste production technique to create one-of-a-kind pieces in their choice of colour and design. You will finally give your piece some finishing touches and wrap them up for you to take home with you.

Soil Painting

In this activity, the objective is to have fun and to gain a deeper appreciation of soils — one of our most important natural resources. Participants will be given various elements to upcycle into art.

UN SDGs Business Solutions

This activity combines knowledge, collaboration, and innovation to address real-world challenges. It focuses on creating sustainable business ideas, fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility within your team. By engaging in this activity, your team can learn about climate-related topics, bond through problem-solving, and take actionable steps towards building a sustainable future

Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is a 3-hour interactive workshop that teaches you about our changing climate system and empowers you to take high-impact climate action. The workshop guides you through the findings of reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global authority on climate science.

Seed bombs & Companion Planting

Creating seed bombs to encourage participants to plant in a fun way. The companion planting concept is pairs of different seeds that grow well together and support each other

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