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Embark on an eco-conscious adventure with Eedama’s eco-tourism trips across the United Arab Emirates. Our curated eco-tours invite you to explore the sustainable heart of the UAE, where tradition meets innovation in harmony with the environment. Traverse the landscapes that tell the story of a country leading the charge in eco-friendly living, from the solar-powered brilliance of Masdar City to the conservation success stories of the Umm El Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi.

Each eco-tour is an opportunity to witness the commitment to preservation firsthand, understand the delicate balance of ecosystems, and take part in activities that support the local community and environment. With Eedama, you’re not just a tourist; you’re a participant in the UAE’s green revolution. Discover our range of eco-tours and step into a journey that’s as enlightening as it is exhilarating.

Our Eco-Tour Locations

Masdar City Experience

Location: Abu Dhabi

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Discover the future of sustainable living with our Masdar City Experience in Abu Dhabi. This brief but comprehensive tour offers a glimpse into the innovative world of Masdar City, where solar-powered driverless vehicles and pioneering green technologies come to life. Learn how ancient Arab architectural principles have been revitalized to create a modern, car-free, and environmentally friendly urban landscape. Tailor the discussion to your interests and choose between a touristic or educational focus. For an inspiring journey through urban sustainability in the desert, book your trip to Masdar City.

Modern Urban Farming Experience at a Gracia Hydroponics Farm

Location: Abu Dhabi

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.

Explore the cutting-edge Gracia Hydroponics Farm in Abu Dhabi on our Modern Urban Farming Experience. Learn how this sustainable model of farming contributes to food security and addresses water scarcity in a half-day tour. See first-hand the innovation behind aquaponic and hydroponic systems, and engage in a hands-on sustainability workshop. Join us for an educational and fun excursion into the future of agriculture.

E-Waste Recycling

Location: Abu Dhabi

Duration: 2 hours.

Join our E-Waste Recycling journey in Abu Dhabi to uncover the life cycle of your electronics. This 2-hour program takes you behind the scenes of e-waste recycling, with a facility tour, expert insights, and a hands-on dismantling competition. Learn about responsible waste management and the transformation of discarded electronics into new products. Book this interactive and educational experience today!

Jebel Ali Recycling Facility

Location: Dubai

Duration: 2 hours

Discover the heart of sustainable practices at the Jebel Ali Recycling Facility in Dubai. On this 2-hour educational trip, see first-hand the journey of recyclables from waste to resource and learn the impact of recycling on environmental conservation. Get involved with an interactive facility tour, expert Q&A, and hands-on workshops including recycling, sorting, and upcycled wall painting.

Soil Museum: All about soil

Location: Dubai

Duration: 3 hours

Dig into the world beneath your feet with Eedama’s Soil Museum tour in Dubai. This 3-hour excursion is perfect for adults and families, offering interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits that reveal the wonders of soil. Tailored activities, including tree planting and hands-on experiments, await.

Tree Planting and Team Building at Aventura

Location: Dubai

Duration: 4 hours

Experience the thrill of adventure and the joy of learning with Eedama at Aventura, Dubai. Join us for a 4-hour team-building session where tree planting meets exciting trails, rope courses, and ziplining through a Ghaf tree forest. Engage in fun, educational workshops on UAE’s local environment while enjoying the unique outdoor activities.

Umm El Emarat Park

Location: Abu Dhabi

Duration: 3 hours

Explore the green heart of Abu Dhabi with Eedama’s trip to Umm El Emarat Park. Discover how this urban oasis contributes to the city’s sustainability with features like grey water recycling and energy-efficient fixtures in a 3-hour educational tour. Participate in lively activities that blend learning with physical health, such as contests or a treasure hunt.

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