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Eedama offers a range of exciting eco-tourism trips in Lebanon that combine education and adventure, showcasing the country’s natural beauty and sustainable initiatives. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will broaden your horizons and make a positive impact on the environment!

Our Popular Trips

Samen Eco Gardens

Location: Beirut

Explore an urban jungle in Fanar and discover the amazing variety of plants and animals that thrive in this city garden.

Buzuruna Juzuruna

Location: Saadnayel

Learn about organic farming and seed conservation in a community farm in Saadnayel. Participate in hands-on activities and taste fresh produce straight from the farm.

Field To Fork

Location: West Bekaa

Visit a permaculture farm and observe how trees, vegetables, herbs, birds and bees interact to create a sustainable ecosystem. Take part in activities like harvesting, planting, soil mixing and feeding the poultry.

Alternative and Green Tours

Location: All around Lebanon

Discover Lebanon’s natural, built and social environments with Alternative Tour Beirut. Join a walking tour of Beirut, explore upcycled old houses, hike in Afqa, experience heritage and team-building in Rechmaya, learn about natural and built heritage in Sour/Tyre, and plant trees in Ehden.

Each trip is designed to suit all ages and interests, and can range from half-day to multi-day packages. Optional eco-friendly accommodation and healthy food can be included as part of the program.

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