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Eedama designs and develops educational and experiential content, covering a broad variety of topics, including natural and social sciences, engineering, and novel technologies, all targeted towards a positive green and social impact. Eedama’s network of experts, from academics to field workers, ensures that all the educational and training content we use is original and developed in-house. The content development center is focused on learning by doing, through real-life experiences.

Eedama designs programs that are unique and not typically found in universities or professional training centers. Its experience in developing sustainable practices across a wide range of locations, along with our expertise in catering to a diverse audience, sets us apart.

Educational, training or leisure organisations can benefit from Eedama’s research and content development skills: Eedama delivers complete educational content, including trainers’ and trainees’ booklets, slides if relevant, experiment checklists, and tips for interactive delivery. This can be accompanied by Training of Trainers (ToT) both on the technical content and on training methodologies.

Our Past Projects Highlights

  • The development of a complete aquaponics program for the ‘Children’s Centers of the Emirate of Sharjah’ that spanned four days and trained 16 teachers across several age groups. This program was awarded in 2016.
  • The development in 2020 of an ‘edutainment’ program for Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment.
  • The development in 2020-2021 of an 18-day-full impact entrepreneurship training for the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB). Ten expert trainers from LLWB were trained and are now using this content several times per year.

Furthermore, with its network of experienced researchers and academics, including several PhD and Masters’ level holders with over a hundred scientific publications, Eedama is capable of delivering research and studies related to sustainable development, environmental sciences and policies, sustainable business planning, and business impact. Eedama conducts market and policy research on climate change, energy, gender, and food systems.

Amongst its past achivements, Eedama conducted a study on climate and energy policies, including an assessment of civil society organizations in Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia, for the Netherlands-based international organization Hivos. Eedama did a field research on social entrepreneurship for the consultancy office ‘Beyond Research and Development’.

Last but not least, Eedama also provides mentoring and counseling to youth, green and social startup or Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) projects, including writing training and evaluation programs for several organizations like the Science and Innovation Park (SIP) of the United Arab Emirates University, StartAD at New York University Abu Dhabi, the Oman organization Youth Vision, and since 2022 recently Makesense and Asfari Foundation.

Join us in promoting sustainability by taking part in our educational programs and workshops. Contact us to learn more about our customized training programs and research services.

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