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The SDGs

We Support the UN Goals for Sustainable Development!

Eedama and the SDGs
Eedama aims to promote and share knowledge of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Eedama’s implementation of this integrates the pillars of sustainability, balancing the environmental, social, and economic pillars to bring the best results. With Eedama, you can have content and workshops tailored to your needs, specifications, and SDGs.

What are SDGs and why are they important?
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created by the UN in 2015, and are also known as Global Goals. The SDGs call to protect the planet, ensure peace and equality, end poverty, and much more. We all have a responsibility to implement these goals into our lives, in addition to motivating and involving youth in realizing the cruciality of the SDGs.

Our work in the SDGs
Browse through our past projects to learn more about how we work on implementing the SDGs with our clients and partners.

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