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How can Civil Society Organisations Become More Sustainable?

Society Sustainablity

Due its intrinsic and continuous mission to support and advocate for sustainability, Eedama has collaborated with The Asfari Foundation who launched the Tabadol program in 2022 in partnership with Makesense Lebanon. The Tabadol programme matches entrepreneurs with CSOs, in the Levant region, to develop new solutions that advance the organization’s sustainability. Eedama was in charge of conducting training sessions for CSOs and fellows on project management, HR management, financial management and forecasting, business model, proposal writing, networking, funding sources, marketing, and monitoring and evaluation. Eedama was also selected to conduct the evaluation of the program as well as co-write the Tabadol booklet.

The essence of the program lies in its objective to help organizations become more sustainable in an innovative manner. Many organizations struggle to be sustainable, whereas they have been trying to use the tools that are available and that they are aware of. Given the continuous evolution in the global (world) and local (Middle East) situations, new ideas and solutions are needed in order to find sustainability, be it in terms of operations, impact or financials. Hence how innovation interrelates to sustainability.

The Booklet that summarizes all solutions created and explains notions of sustainability and innovation for CSOs became available early 2023.

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