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Feed your plants with your leftovers: Workshop in Dubai on Monday March 21st

Society Sustainablity

Workshop at The Change Initiative, Barsha, Dubai (Google Map link).

• What if you never had to throw away food again?
• We propose a fun workshop that will allow your house to go green, while educating your kids
• Let us take you through a journey towards sustainability… And you will grow your own plants!

Attend the ‘composting workshop’: a one hour session where we will see together how you can make use of your waste food at home. Transform it into fertile earth that will allow you to have a healthy and fast-growing home garden.

Price: 30 AED per person for one hour*.
*You will get a 30AED discount upon the buying of a compost bin from The Change Initiative on the day of the workshop.

Stay tuned: more topics to come.

Compost Workshop