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Environmental negotiations are only a first step, necessary but not enough

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Climate negotiations are starting today in Paris. Negotiators, politicians and experts from the whole world will mainly discuss about how to go on polluting while keeping the global warming below 2 degrees. At no point the possibility of actually mitigating global warming will be discussed. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of the negotiators in Paris. This is pointed out by all the NGO’s that are present in Paris and trying to make their voices heard.

Global warming is contributing to change the climate; it yields several types of phenomena like droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, that all contribute to expel people from their homes. Do we know how to mitigate climate change? Yes. Why don’t we do it: because business as usual is so much more comfortable.

What are the main causes of climate change? Greenhouse gases emissions. The main emitters of greenhouse gases? Burning of fossil fuels (coal, gas and petrol). Why do we burn fossil fuels? For transport and vehicles. To produce electricity (industries, homes, air conditioning). For heating of buildings. At eedama we propose to change our behaviours … And to start by our children, because they are the future and because they are our conscience!