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Compost in the desert

Society Sustainablity

One of the topics we work on at eedama is food: many of us wonder what we are exactly eating. Food travels all around the world, and fertilizers and pesticides are often heavily used to produce it.

Although … we know that transport account for a very important part of greenhouse gases, that in turn yield global warming. We know that transport pollutes our air. We know that pesticides can have a very negative impact on our health.

So why not starting to produce our own food… even in the desert climate of the Gulf. This needs two main ingredients: water and fertile soil!

One of the topics we propose for schools but also houses and companies is about making compost: we actually do waste quite some food in the Gulf as anywhere else. Many of us have seen these rests of meals all thrown away. This is a pity because it is a waste of course, but … it could become a blessing: if instead of throwing it away we would put it in a big garbage bin, correctly aerated, this waste could rather fast (thanks to the hot and often humid weather) become actual fertile soil to be used for little plantations!

On the picture below, you see the evolution of our own test within … 6 months!

We built from this idea several types of contents: this can become a student led project, where students actually count what their project will bring in terms of carbon emissions avoided, in terms of food potentially produced, even in financial terms… But this can also be a fun activity to do at home or at the workplace, and we can plan it for you!

Let’s contribute to a better planet for life, by understanding what is the impact of our actions, and by understanding how to change this impact so that it becomes a positive one, while bringing us happiness and friendly times…